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Founded in 1868 with only two deaconesses assigned to care for patients, Passavant Area Hospital has grown exponentially all while maintaining its small town charm and tight knit community. Since its humble beginnings, Passavant has grown into a 93 bed, 2x Magnet Designated hospital with a state-of-the-art facility.

As a Registered Nurse at Passavant Area Hospital you gain the qualities of the culture unique to Passavant since it's creation, but also the strength of a Healthcare system that has a huge presence in Central Illinois. The Passavant environment expects high quality care for patients and believes in advancing Health by becoming both continuing to be more accessible and striving to be more advanced. As a nurse in this culture you are the front line leader in these initiatives.

The ability of the nursing staff to build relationships with their teammates, patients, leaders and physicians is vital to the health of Passavant and the community. As a nurse at Passavant, youll float to most units throughout the year, expanding your wealth of knowledge and personal connections. These connections are what have fueled each teammates personal commitment to support each other, allowing our team to continually raise the bar of excellence.

We are a major partner in the communities we serve, says Harry Schmidt, President & CEO. As part of our Mission, we continually respond to the evolving healthcare needs of the patients, lend a helping hand when needed, and enhance our services to meet the demands of our public.

This position embodies the Memorial Health System Performance Excellence Standards of Safety, Courtesy, Quality, and Efficiency that support our mission, vision and values.

Requirements for this position include:
Licensed as RN in State of Illinois.
BSN preferred.
Current BLS/CPR certification per policy.
Must be able to position and/or transfer an average adult patient and possess gross coordination sufficient to perform other patient care duties as required.
Must be able to withstand prolonged periods of standing.
Must be able to perform difficult manipulative skills such as IV insertion and IM injections.
Environmental working conditions include exposure to blood, bodily fluids and tissue, contagious diseases and/or radioactive or other potentially hazardous materials.

Nursing Unit Summaries:

2 South: This unit is a 33 bed med / surg floor that sees patients ranging from CHF, COPD, Colon Resection, Appendectomy Post Op, Amputees, Pneumonia, to Scatter bed Telemetry. While as a nurse on this floor you will have the ability to broaden your expertise to many diagnosis most are non-contagious (issues). As a unit in a magnet hospital there are ample projects to participate in from the first year of UBC to a pilot group targeting the benefits of proper and proactive oral care to decrease risks of aspiration. There is also a research group that focuses on ERAS Enhanced Recovery After Surgery which is an interdisciplinary group that works together to ensure and educate all of PAH how to get better outcomes. In addition to formal groups to participate in there is also the opportunity to be a peer leader Charge Nurse, clinical ladder opportunity and Champion of Change Management (present champion of new pumps and self-scheduling). This floor prides itself with working well with other units, knowing the contact departments by name, ability to know your patients as some are returning patients, going to be remolded in 2019

3 South: This unit is a recently 21 bed (ALL PRIVATE) med surge with great nurse to patient rations. Beginning Shift Safety Huddles also has a few minutes for quick announcements of high level events going on with PAH. This floor sees patients from ED, TCU, and Surgical Unit which creates a great learning environment for a new nurse or an experienced staff nurse who wants to improve their clinical skills. There is a very active Unit Based Council. The staff work great together and naturally train each other. The projects that are currently active are: Champions for Nurse Quality Indicator (targeting pneumonia prevention), Lean Six Sigma for discharge process to improve processes for staff and patients, Champion for Self Scheduling, pilot group studying long term effects of basin less bathing. Ongoing process improvements to include recently bedside barcode administration that the staff worked from creation to insure that this process would be effective from go live date.

ICCU: The ICU environment is a strong team dynamic that can work very well with little direction and effectively solve large daily problems collectively, for example, obstacles with staffing or process changes. A stellar RN on this until will be a leader in midst of diversity that would be able to rise to the occasion during changes. A RN with a positive view that can positively influence peers is required for this time to work so well together. This team has a strong patient centered views and is flexible to new ideas and has the desire to research best practices. To be successful on this them you much be a nurse who is high functioning and self-driven.

TCU: In addition to the responsibilities listed above, an RN on TCU will have the ability to have a huge positive impact on the communities as they help patients transition to home so they may live independently or with some assistance. A high achiever RN is one that can work independently once direction is given, multi task and have a broad understanding of goal based nursing. The patients in this unit are often return patients, so this department does get to know the patients and their families very well. Some additional tasks are making referrals to outpatient services, identify community resources that can help, assess and facilitate discharge needs and provide extensive patient and family education. The RN will work with an interdisciplinary team approach is followed with the physician, social worker, rehabilitation therapist, dietician and residents family participating. The expected length of stay is around 10 days.

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