Physician - UnityPoint Clinic - Surgery - Moline, IL

UnityPoint Health-Trinity
Rock Island

Job Description

Responsibilities of Physician.
Establish a medical practice in Physicians specialty, and maintain and conduct such practice at one or more sites as mutually agreed to
Participate actively in the affairs of Foundation
comply with the oral and/or written directives of Foundation
Accept assignment from patients covered under government payors, including, but not limited to, Medicare and Medicaid;
Treat on a non-discriminatory basis patients who are covered by Medicare and Medicaid
Provide emergency medical services when called upon to do so, without regard for an individual patients ability to pay or ability to demonstrate financial responsibility
Provide a reasonable level of non-emergency medical services to residents of the service area, on a free or reduced-cost basis, based upon such patients ability to pay, in order to extend the reach of professional health services in the community
Qualify as a participating provider and provide services in accordance with the applicable terms of managed care, insurance, or other payor arrangements, including any value-based payor arrangements, specified by Foundation
Engage in such research and educational endeavors as reasonably directed by the Board of Directors in order to promote the scientific and educational goals of Foundation
Participate in and cooperate with Foundation committees on a reasonably equivalent basis with the other physicians employed by Foundation
Enroll in continuing education or other professional education programs designed to improve treatment modalities, reduce health care costs, or expand community health services as reasonably requested by Foundation;
Establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with patients, family members, and personal representatives, and with Foundation employees, personnel or medical staffs of Foundations affiliated entities, and outside referring practitioners and agencies
Disclose any professional obligations of Physician other than Physicians obligations to Foundation.