Surgical Technician Maternal

UnityPoint Health-Trinity
Rock Island

Job Description

TECHNICAL/ADMINISTRATIVE/CLINICAL: (Total Weight of 100) Demonstrates competence in the skills, (processes, procedures, and equipment) necessary to carry out assigned duties as identified below. Demonstrated competence in recognizing and responding to patients physical, mental, emotional and developmental needs should be evaluated in relation to the patient populations served as appropriate for each responsibility.
A. Coordinates with the Nurse the plan of care associated with the patient having a vaginal delivery or cesarean section.
1. Collects and researches data related to the delivery -- vaginal or abdominal.
Utilizes circulating nurse, physician, resource people, preference cards and texts to gather information, plan for instruments, supplies and sutures.
Checks supply of special instruments and sutures for availability to resupply room.
Opens sterile supplies, scrubs, sets up instrument table and mayo stand in a timely manner.
2. Works with Circulation Nurse to develop and modify plan of care.
Prior to start of procedure, checks with the obstetrician for changes in plan of procedure.
Updates the preference card with changes and recopies to keep it current and legible.
B. Assists a Nurse in delivery of safe nursing care to patient.
1. Contributes toward the accomplishment of patient goals by providing care and carrying out nursing functions as assigned by the Nurse.
Prepares room for patient admission. Assists in answering telephone and call lights and assists patients a necessary.
Helps serve and pick up meal trays, between meal nourishments, fresh water, and ice chips.
Assists in giving patient care appropriate to their skills throughout the maternal child division as directed by the Registered Nurse, including TRR's and Blood Pressures.
Applies external fetal monitor for a non-stress test.
Maintains computer skills and is able to correctly enter charges, department requests, patient orders, etc., as designated by the charge nurse.
Tours prospective mothers and families as necessary and coaches patient/family as needed during birthing process.
Transfers patients within unit and to ancillary departments.
Assumes call as designated by the Nurse Manager.
Participates in all mandatory unit specific training and competencies.
2. Communicates appropriate information about patient to Registered Nurse., i.e., observations of unusual physical/ psychological/ emotional responses of other unusual occurrence during labor or delivery.
3. Assists in care and handling of professional supplies, equipment, and instruments to ensure proper and efficient function for protection of the patient and personnel under normal conditions.
Checks all equipment (except sterile) for proper function prior to start of procedure.
Inspects cords, plugs, and hoses and checks for safety stickers.
Inspects instruments for proper assemblage and breakage.
Follows recommended practice for use in electrosurgery.
4. Assists in carrying out aseptic techniques and procedures adopted by the department.
Understands and applies aseptic techniques on the job.
Checks sterile supplies for verification of sterilization and correct dating daily.
5. Follows established guidelines for handling blood/tissue specimens.
Identifies and labels all specimens correctly.
Follows laboratory guidelines to preserve specimens.
C. Maintains a clean and orderly environment.
1. Contributes to the maintenance of the nursing unit.
Checks all rooms for outdates and resupplies and reorders needed items daily.
D. Progression toward completion of goals from previous evaluation/orientation completion


3rd Shift, 6:30pm - 7:00am, Every 3rd Weekend