Student Pharmacist - Inpt Rx

Carle Foundation

Job Description

The Student Pharmacist assists the pharmacist in the provision of pharmaceutical care to all patients of Carle Foundation Hospital. Perform technical tasks such as filing, compounding, reconstitution, labeling, and delivery.

High School Diploma/Equivalent Related Field or The Student Pharmacist must be enrolled in Pharmacy School. Any person registered as a pharmacy technician who is also enrolled in a first professional degree program in pharmacy in a school or college of pharmacy or a department of pharmacy of a university approved by the Department or has graduated from such a program within the last 18 months, shall be considered a "student pharmacist" and entitled to use the title "student pharmacist". A student pharmacist must meet all of the requirements for registration as a pharmacy technician set forth in this Section excluding the requirement of certification prior to the second registration renewal and pay the required pharmacy technician registration fees. A student pharmacist may, under the supervision of a pharmacist, assist in the practice of pharmacy and perform any and all functions delegated to him or her by the pharmacist.

Pharmacy Technician Illinois and Certified Pharmacy Technician (PTCB). Beginning on January 1, 2010, within 2 years after being employed as a registered technician, a pharmacy technician must become certified by successfully passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) examination or another Board-approved pharmacy technician examination in order to continue to perform pharmacy technician's duties. This requirement does not apply to pharmacy technicians hired prior to January 1, 2008.

Essential Functions:

Accurately fill and deliver Omnicell restock lists.
Assist in special projects not requiring clinical decision-making capacity as assigned by the Director.
Enter and process new prescriptions and refills.
Fill medication orders in an accurate and timely manner, including new or lost doses, floor stock replacement items, unit dose cart, outpatient and take-home prescriptions.
Perform miscellaneous billing functions, including patient charging and crediting, nursing unit charges, and controlled substance charging through manual entry into the computer, or with bar code reader.
Perform miscellaneous non-sterile compounding.
Perform monthly inspection of assigned nursing units and pharmacy area for expired or otherwise unusable drugs, and provide proper storage and accurate inventory.
Prepares and delivers enteral nutritional supplements to patient care areas. Maintains enteral records and billing functions.
Provide services to the Operating Room staff from the OR medication room.
Refers customers and calls to a pharmacist when appropriate.
Restock and replace various trays and kits used throughout the facility.
Accurately and safely prepare and label chemotherapy drugs for administration. *PRN Technicians are not required to complete this task*
Prepare IV products using aseptic technique and applying proper labeling. *PRN Technician's are not required to complete this task*
Prepare parenteral nutrition solutions, provide pertinent laboratory information to the pharmacist when assigned. *PRN Technicians are not required to complete this task*
Prepare various batch IV products to support patient care needs utilizing the batch compounder as appropriate. *PRN Technicians are not required to complete this task*

Employment Type

PRN - As Needed

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