Imaging Operations Coordinator

UnityPoint Health-Trinity
Rock Island

Job Description

Talent Development
Support for staff evaluation, discipline and education staff within defined organizational parameters
Provides specific and timely feedback to employees to improve performance
Monitors and manages variances from expected performances
Plans and implements employee developments actions/initiatives in conjunction with manager
Develops and implements action plans to address and correct performance issues with manager
Resources and Revenue Enhancement Use
Manages daily hours per unit of service for Productivity monitoring
Understands basic revenue generations imaging department
Prepares reports & other documents around finances, quality and initiatives
Assures staff is properly trained to identify and enter all charges for services delivered.
Identifies and recommends opportunities for improvement in revenue production and cost reduction.
Proficient in Microsoft office and has ability to develop presentations and documentation accurately
Responsible for policy updates and development with input from the Management team
Clinical Excellence/Patient Care
Engages staff to use data and PI concepts/tools to improve patient satisfaction and quality care
Anticipates barriers to patient satisfactions and plans to prevent.
Implements clinical improvement strategies in conjunction with managers/director.
Monitors progress made to meet/exceed quality targets, identifies variations from expected outcomes and manages PI processes to improve
Tracks & Trends initiatives to improve quality
Manages processes, identifies variation and resolves/fixes with support of Manager/Director
Anticipates issues and involves Lead/Staff in correction plan.
Implements improvements to meet established work unit targets consistent with established organizational processes
Identifies/recommends improvement opportunities and actively promotes/participates in change processes.
Anticipate barriers and monitor progress made to meet/exceed safety targets
Basic UPH Performance Criteria
Demonstrates the UnityPoint Health Values and Standards of Behaviors as well as adheres to policies and procedures and safety guidelines.
Demonstrates ability to meet business needs of department with regular, reliable attendance.
Employee maintains current licenses and/or certifications required for the position.
Practices and reflects knowledge of HIPAA, JCAHO, DNV, OSHA and other federal/state regulatory agencies guiding healthcare.
Completes all annual education and competency requirements within the calendar year.
Is knowledgeable of hospital and department compliance requirements for federally funded healthcare programs (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste and abuse. Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of hospital administrative staff. Takes appropriate action on concerns reported by department staff related to compliance.


Flexible 40 hours