Nutrition Aide II

UnityPoint Health-Trinity
Rock Island

Job Description

Displays knowledge of dietary restrictions and limitations as prescribed in diet manual.
Assembles prepared foods for all trays regular and modified.
Dots and dates all items according to procedure.
Reads color-coded menus to place appropriate condiments, hot and cold foods and beverages on patient trays, according to menu marking and diet restrictions.
Works as part of team with other tray workers on assembly line in kitchen.
Organizes, prepares, and delivers nourishment and tube feedings for patients, according to standard procedure and diet requirements.
Assembles and delivers late trays to patients in accordance to late tray instruction book and/or menu.
Gathers together cold foods for patient tray line, nourishment, and tube feeding preparation.
Requisitions supplies for work area; maintains adequate supply; restocks stations on serving line after each meal.
Returns food and supplies to appropriate work place after tray line.
Harvests left over foods after checking with cooks and leads.
Cleans and sanitizes work areas tables, cabinets, carts, steam tables in patient food service area; washes and sanitizes utensils after each meal
Delivers and retrieves patient food carts from nursing units
Works stations in dish room at cart clean-up time. Separates trash from reusable items.
Separates china, glassware, silverware into proper racks.
Loads dish machine per procedure.
Checks dishes at clean end for cleanliness.
Assists in all areas of department as needed cafeteria, salads, pots/pans, dish room, and general department cleaning
Maintains chemical and temperature of dish machine.
Records temperature on temperature tag dish machine at end of meal service, using microsprayer.
Help mat tray and unwrap silverware.
Communicates promptly with Leads, dietitians, and Director regarding food service problems/customer complaints
Demonstrates positive communication skills when dealing with nursing regarding patient needs
Organizes work to be ready for prompt start of patient tray line; maintains pre-established tray line pace
Assembles and delivers early and late trays promptly to meet patient needs
Makes decisions in regards to customers which satisfy the customer, yet are within hospital philosophy
Makes the decision to pull a food items from service when it is no longer appealing, or when temperature is not within safe food temperature standards.