Registered Respiratory Therapist

Memorial Health System

Job Description

Status: PRN

Schedule: 10:00 PM-6:00 AM

Summary: The Registered Respiratory Therapist will initiate, maintain, and discontinue basic and intensive respiratory therapy equipment and techniques in the administration of prescribed respiratory care procedure to patients of all ages with cardiopulmonary disorders.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Measures and administers prescribed medications to patients of all ages (oxygen and aerosolized medications, etc). In addition to the following therapy: humidity and aerosol, chest physical therapy, incentive spirometry, pulse oximetry, and metered dose inhalers, etc.
Records procedures and patient responses on appropriate departmental paperwork and requisitions. Completes verbal report on patients to ensure continuity of care.
Assists physician in performing bronchoscopy. Maintains all supplies, monitors patients, and sterilizes the equipment, resetting up for the next procedure.
Performs all duties in the Cardiology department.
Educates the patients of the Pulmonary Rehab program in all aspects of their disease and management of their symptoms.
Maintains the ability to perform Pulmonary Function studies on all types of patients.
Performs cleaning and sterilization of equipment, reporting malfunctioning equipment to manager.
Utilize proper infection control practices in accordance with hospital and departmental policy.
Initiate hospital policy regarding employee/patient incident reports.
Perform patient rounds in accordance with departmental policy and documents such to ensure appropriate settings for the patient and to ensure emergency supplies are available when needed.
Evaluates patients condition and response to therapy reporting any adverse reactions to the nurse and/or physician. Provide additional information to the physician regarding effectiveness of the therapy and contacting the physician if necessary to request order changes to aid in the patients recovery.
Maintain ability to provide continuous ventilatory support for patients.
Perform procedures under extreme stress in the event of a trauma patient of any age.
Participate in continuing education, meeting requirements for all mandatory in-services.
Promotes health and safety in the work environment.
Actively participates in competency assessment process.
Perform other duties as assigned by manager.

Required Qualifications:
Graduate of AMA approved School of Respiratory Care
Certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care or registry eligible
Must have an active Illinois Respiratory Care Practitioner license
Demonstrates the ability to provide respiratory care and therapy to patients of all ages and condition, including intensive care, neonatal, and pediatric patients
May possess the technical skills, education, and experience to perform intubations

Employment Type